Top 5 Croatian Islands to visit with a yacht

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Top Five Croatian islands to visit with a Yacht

The Croatian islands are all busy in the peak season. These islands are surrounded by beautiful crystal clear blue waters that are famous for the romantic hideaways and not to forget the incredible yachting experience. The soothing environment of the Croatian islands are enough for anybody to fall in love. The yacht charter is very popular form of activities on the Croatian islands and people enjoy them for all sorts of purposes. Here are the five islands where you can experience the top-notch sails and visit while chartering a yacht:

  1. Hvar

The spectacular views of the Hvar Island are amazing while you sail through on your catamaran. This is the perfect island for a getaway. The villages around and the lush interior is not to be missed. A sail to the Hvar Island would be quite charming.

  1. Mljet

Mljet is the greenest island of Croatia. Most part of the island is covered with green forests, dotted fields, small villages and vineyards. On Mljet, there are two salt lakes: Malo Jezero and Veliko near the western end. These lakes attract most catamaran charter guests and one of them also has a small island with it.

  1. Vis

The incredible remote island has a history of vineyards. The wines of this island are beyond amazing. Vis Island has retained its attraction and style of the 1950s and it largely attracts tourists from all over the world for its crystal clear waters, historical sights and the breathtaking beaches. Visiting Vis waters with a yacht is incomparable experience.

  1. Kornati

The white sand, rocks and the blue waters make a great combination. Kornati Island has got landscapes with chalk limestone. The strong blue waters carry sails of catamaran charter and people enjoy the experience a lot.

  1. Krk

This is one of the most populated islands also known as “The Golden Island”. Sail to Krk Island with catamaran is delightful as the island itself.

Don’t miss out the fun and the gorgeous views.

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